Sunday, March 29, 2015

#Cutforzayn Madness

Stop what ever your doing right now and read this.

we all know "Zayn Malik" Who a former singer at 1D, he quits and said some statements regarding his career. Well you know 1 directioner fans or "FAM" cant just move on since Zayn Quited, Alot of fan girls tweeted and trended #Cutforzayn and #Byezayn on twitter and Instagram.

Here are some examples,

That might leave a mark....
Well The main point here is because of fangirls going toats cray on zayn maliks issue they even tried to cut them selves, some killed their animals hoping zayn to come back.or even think to come back

Just to be clear "FanGirls" Killing your pet wont bring zayn back,You cant just go on a killing spree just because your idol left, He wants a simple life. And besides an artist/Singer wont just quit on the middle of the tour, we did some research regarding zayn, Zayn actually planned his "Move" a year ago. So fan girls lets just be happy for Zayn he finally made his mind up.

Take note:
Don't be too stupid to kill your Dogs cats or any of your pet, they're not doing anything to you. This must stop right now. And cutting your self and killing your self wont change Zayn's mind,even if he cares for you fans he wont come back. thats reality get a life.

Im already waiting for the haters. in 3....2....1 Bash me all you want ♥ Here's my gmail if anyone gets offended →
Reality check i dont give a single fuck about this. 
(Im helping you 1D fam because 1D helped 5SOS be famous, 5SOS fam wont just let any 1D fan girl die just because of making the wrong decision) ♥

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