Monday, April 6, 2015

*Types of couple 101*

Teens Huh? Here are the types of couple's we can see across the street or maybe just existing couples on the planet. Who knows maybe your one of it ♥

The first one were all used to is the "Gaming couple"
There the type of couple who spend their time together playing Online games, Multiplayer or MMORPG, they usually help each other on quest, missions heal each other and team up together plus the romance. there are actually two types of Gaming Couple, the first one is the gaming couple that just met inside a game, and the second is they're both gamers and both together in real life, they just made their decision to make love in the next level. You get me?

The Second type of couples is the Love birds.
You probably seen them inside malls or maybe at the park, They're the ones who hugs and kiss out in public, They dont actually care what ever happens to the world, all they know is their together everything is gonna be okay, nothing to worry about. Is it just me or i find them cute? Its like no matter how bitter or chaotic the world is, they still find ways to make their self feel alright together.

The Third Type of couples is the "Photography Couple"
They are the type of couples who cherish and takes a picture out of everything they do, post it on instagram or just hang them on their wall. Every time they kiss, they hug, they have fun on different locations, they have a picture to remember. Their Kinda cute,

The fourth type of couples is the "Musicians"
"Music is life, Love the music" they spend their whole time listening to music they love, Some say they express their love on the type of music or the lyrics to the song. Those couples are the Music generation what other people call. They make Songs using their experience with each other, Those happy moments they had or even the worst.

The fifth of couples is the "War Couples"
These couple type is very rare, The "War Couples" is based on the Fights they had. They have endless Arguments fights and Worst moment, But they still love each other, Why arent they breaking up yet? Its simple because they love each other, They wont let simple arguments and fights get to their relationship. So cute.

The Sixth couple type is "Untalk and Unseen"
These are the type of couples who Doesn't see each other and talk to each other that much, perhaps they just talk after 3 days and after that its done although their love is going stronger.. Its quite unbelievable because people cant stand without their partners presence, but these type of couples chooses to be away from their partner, i dont quite get them. but thats whats happening to me and my partner right now, somehow i like it, so i cant complain that i need space or anything. ♥

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