Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Falling inlove w/ your Bestfriend

Falling in love with your "Best Friend"
For me it's not quite weird falling inlove with my best friend, but before i continue Some of us has Guy Best Friends, thats because we both enjoy their company. We have endless conversation with them or we have some similarities with them. Such as mine

Just sharing mine but i had a crush on my seatmate not that long, It was like at the first semester i had nothing, hes just my best friend. He's very talkative and funny. Were into gaming anime and movies and then after the 2nd semester we got separated he was like right infront of me and i was at the backseat, He would like transfer seats just to talk to me and sometimes just ignore me for the whole time, its was cool with me.

But then 3rd Semester came, We were seat mates again. We talked how much we missed each other and started being best buds again,i noticed that each and everytime i see him and talked to him he made me smile, Then i realized he was always there for me when i needed him. We never got mad at each other for small or huge things.

Then 4rth Semester Came! Before everything else my friends at the backseat Carmin even told me Jacob and i were like dating and stuffs, People started teasing us after that, But that never stopped jacob and me from hanging out with each other. Then he just messaged me on facebook that he likes me for some reason, I couldin't lie so i told him "Hey to be honest and to be fair, I did like you for a short period of time though, so no hard feelings" So after that we started talking to each other the whole day these past few day's, we even talked while watching a movie "Divergent" I talked how hot Four was and how manly he is with tris, And he even told me "Just look at me im even handsome than him" so yeah, '
to be honest i was afraid to tell him i like him, First of all he has a crush on my friend and my other friend had a crush on him, i just need to stay quiet to prevent any arguments or fights between us the circle of friends.
And i was afraid to lose him, as much as i was afraid, i don't know what to do if he ignores me and forget the good and bad times we spent together. 

But everything went fine after 3/24/15 Best day of my life ♥
It's a Secret why @.@
I love my Muffin so much >~<
(All the names were fake, i cant show the real names because they might get mad at me ♥ )

Falling inlove with your best friend isn't a bad idea, At least you both know each other you know how one act's if she/he is tired of your jokes or somehow irritated with you. It makes it easier for your relationship to grow more, But there are some advantages if you two became together "Soulmates" After you break up there's a 50% chance that you and him would never be the same again, its like you Restarted your phone (Memory card) and you forgot to back your files up, You might end up being strangers again or making your situation weird and awkward, theres a lot of possibility.

But if you really love your best friend its time for you to say it, Be brave.
Dont let anyone tell you what to do, Dont let people who judge you ruin your decision its your love life its your choice, just think of the possibility. Think Wide and clear. Listen to your heart not your mind and random people.

If you do like them alot do what ever it takes just to make them say "Yes" to you, Besides you know what they like

Go for it, Tell them what you really feel, its better to tell them so you can unlock the padlock on your shoulders and let loose, :3

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Remember guy's
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