Monday, February 23, 2015

Top 10 Music hit's

*Top 10 Music hits 2015*

1- Uptownfunk / Mark ronson ft, Bruno mars
(Last week1)

2-Thinking Out Loud / Ed Sheeran
(Last week2)

3-Take me to church/ Hozier
(Last week3)

4-FourFiveSeconds/ Rihanna & Kanye West & Paul McCartney 
(Last week6)

5-Sugar/Maroon five
(Last week4)

6-Love me like you do / Ellie Goulding
(Last week9)

7-Blank Space / taylor swift
(Last week5)

8-Im not the only one /Sam Smith
(Last week8)

9-Lips are moving / Meghan trainor 
(Last week7)

10-Style/ Taylor swift
(Last week18)

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to Survive summer *No Wifi Edition*

summer is the warmest season of the four temperate seasons and its also believed the season of days are longest nights are shortest. Besides that Description about summer this is when school stops and we get time to relax right?

Summer is really relaxing, Sitting all day at home sleeping watching netflix or maybe just going out with your friends and family ♥ Going out side the country and having fun.But the only problem is NO WIFI.

How can you survive summer without wifi, (I know its hard. its hard for me too)

Like i said you can sit all day and play some board games with your family, invite your friends to come over and play with them
You could aslo make shakes, smoothies and Ice candies Do it your self girl's
Go out and have a pool party or maybe at your backyard, you can do anything you like on your backyard, I believed that my backyard was a wonderful place when i was little. Just imagine you can play water guns back then with your brothers and friends think of the possibility?
You can go out shopping.

Just my tip guys, I want you to spend your summer you've never spend it before enjoy it. Dont just sit at your room and study all day, Your brain need's to rest probably for the whole 2 months, im kidding but you do get my point. so atleast when school starts you can share what you did. This i promise you guy's im going to go sky diving this summer.

This post might be to early, but nah just ready your summer journal and lock pack and go! :D
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Vanilla Frog's Video's ♥


How to love your self by "VanillaFrog"
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You'll learn a lot of great things from her im already telling you guy's 


Transformice is an independent multiplayer free-to-play online platform browser game created by French designers known by their aliases Melibellule and Tigrounette. Melibellule produces the game's artwork and graphics, while Tigrounette programs the game's functions and mechanics. The game was released on May 1, 2010.[1] Transformice was released on Steam on January 30, 2015......

The main objective is you have to go through some obstacles made by the Designers and players to get to the cheese and to the mouse hole in able to get cheese (Money) to buy clothes
And skills. you have two main objectives in this game. Get through the obstacles and help other mice's to get through it. On each round one person will be a shaman, Shaman has some skills you can use to build Boxes, Anvils, Planks and balloons. and other updated skills
You'll also meet new friends and Tribe mates at the same time when you join a tribe.

 At this Picture you could see  A registration date, When did you create your mice or when did someone create their mouse.
Other than that "Mice with cheese saved" this is were your skills will be tested at being a shaman there are 3 modes. the "Divine mode" The "hard mode" and the "Easy mode" The divine mode requires many Hard mode saves,
You need to earn cheese first's, this is very hard , you need to go in the hole before other mices do.
 Here are some Examples of mices on transformice

As you can see on the pictures ♥
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

All About me ♥ *Updated 3/31/2015*

Hi, Ive been blogging for some month's now. i feel good expressing my self through blogging, i was able to speak and learn through my blogs. i enhanced alot of things, met new and awesome people to be exact i feel like their my second family. They were always there for me after i met them through the process of interviews. I may not know their whole story but i understand what they went through. I had the passion for blogging after having a lot of emotional problems *Personal Emotional Problems* TEEHEE ♥

My name is Alyssa Dela Cruz, I go by the name "Darkheartdc / Mclyssa Williams" Most of you viewer's know because of my twitter and youtube channel, My code name went through a lot of up's and down's especially at school and at other social media platforms, My first problem was my classmates kept on talking about my code name because i always use it at some activities, They didn't quite understand a gamer code name, I was supposed to use the code name for the rest of my life. i got used to people addressing me as Dark or even heart and games.
My Code name actually was first made by my dad, I asked him back then when and why did he make that code name. First of all he told me it was a spiders name i think it was just Darkheart and he just Added the "Dc" for (Dela Cruz) and he made it when his heart was first broken :c so sad...

I get too Comfortable around new people, well thats if i liked them or i have something in common with them, i start to joke around and be rude (Not too rude) im just a fun and funny person ♥ I can read people's Faces and their whole agenda somehow XD so yeah, you cant hide anything from me ♥
I like hanging around with Australian people or people all over the world, not from my country (Im not being rude or anything ) But i really do love people from other countries, they said i get along well with other people. I like Being quiet at times and sometimes after i get bored of it i scream like a cat :3 I love Chocolates, Im the type of person who has so many snack jar on my shelves and drawers. and im addicted to galaxies (Not the actual Study ) Just the pretty color's and stars, I Hate "Math, Science , History , Biology" But i managed to pass them, my fav subject is clearly "English" and i was always close to my teachers in english ♥

When im inlove i do give them all what i have, Im sweet as long as my partner is sweet to me too, Im the paranoid one (Not in a bad way) But every time i chat my partner i want endless chats, i love sweet people and caring ones. I love boy's who fights for me,or who even tells someone to back of or something
If you guy's watch "Divergent" or "Insurgent" I Love Four ♥ Hes such a Hotieee. He's a boyfriend material
He has the looks, The body, the mind, the attitude of my dream guy ♥And yes i have a boyfriend. His name is jerome ♥

Well so yeah.
Just to be quite clear, Blogging isn't really my passion back then. I was inspired by youtuber's i once told everyone i know that i would be a sucssesful youtuber one day. but i don't have enough confidence, budget and time as a teenager your scheadule is very hectic. you don't have enough time to rest and sleep you gotta go study for a test and lessons every day and every night.
so i just went to blogging. 
Im always dream high, im a dream changer, which is kind of normal for me,
Im a shoppaholic on shirts,Hoodies and gaming stuffs. ( Im a teen Go with it )
One thing's im sure about is im an inverted minded person, You won't see me in crowded places. I get stressed out like a cat when im inside or i see crowded places. i would advice my self to stay home watch movies and just read some novels and play online games then spending my time walking around on crowded places, i prefer beaches forest's and mountains. i love windy and high places i take pictures of the skies and the tree's for memories to be placed in my photography Blog.
And im like my dad. if im angry i don't show it, im just going to act normal around any person i hate but deep inside i wan't to slap the hell out of them and maybe shred their faces of. I manage my anger very well, but i don't have any patience, When im downloading a game or maybe waiting for a movie to come on i don't know how to wait. im a very demanding person.
If i would be a creature I'll be a unicorn who can fly. a rainbow unicorn to be exact! or maybe a cat, i enjoy a cat's life, sleeping on the roof exploring everything on the world and eating fish. (I don't like fish)
I love to sing and play my guitar, i sing at the shower, everywhere even at the bus station! I like do to DIY's but i never really finished one before. well i did some but sometimes it goes right to the trash bin :c I like to hide food ( Chips, Cookies, Candies and Soda's on my drawers just in case i get hungry. Im lazy as a turtle when i just sat down on my computer chair or my little couch ♥

So yeah! I hope to meet you guy's very soon on my next project
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Social Media

*(According to WikiPedia)*

-Facebook is an online social networking service Headquartered in menlo oar california.

-Instagram is an online mobile photo sharing and social networking service, that enables its users to take pictures and videos ans share it through a variety of social networking platforms.

-Meowchat claims over 1 million users agree that meow chat messenger app for meeting new friends, meow chat helps you connect with new friends in different ways.

I interviewed other people about facebook-Instagram and Meowchat.

- Im not sure about Instagram and tiwtter but, When im currently using facebook i get a little lonely. its just that i had so many friends added here who likes my facebook photos and posts, but they never really talked to me that much

-It's Quite helpful although people this generation posts crappy things that isn't needed to be known such as porn? Nasty Pictures.

-Yeah! it is, i do use social media alot to connect with my love one and my family.

*End of their opinion*

Social Media is really needed this generation,besides using it to meet new friends, connect with your love ones and family. There are alot of Business that needs socialnetworking platforms Especially Blog's like this one, We cant get any viewers without Social Medias that advertise our blog.Some say Social media is garbage to this generation, people avoids social media's. to be quite honest my opinion is people this generation harasses social media sites and apps. This was created to form another community of living and share good experience but instead of it people uses it for the worst of it. Hacking, Shitty Photo's and Videos. What more to expect. Just stop it, its not healthy and its full of bullshit.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

-Youtuber Alert.
(Exclusive and Fun interview with GERARD WHITTY GerardWgames )
Gerard started his Youtube channel because he thought of making one. but he lacked motivation,  because of "Markiplier" a known Youtuber he got that motivation he needed, Gerard told us he love's to play games, its part of his life he want's to share his love for gaming to the world and to make people smile
Gerard was not really sure if he was helping someone out with his videos,but he would like to think he is, but he's not quite sure about that he ,does hope somewhere in the world his videos makes someone happy and smile he want's to entertain someone.
Although he thinks his humor isn't there, "Im still learning the ropes"
Gerard first started out is youtube channel and making videos there were a lot of problems that started in his way and tried to stop him.Equipment was the first he started with a Singstar mic and a camera (Not a webcam) and a poor computer with basic editing software.The other major problem was confidence, this is something that takes time, he didn't know what to do or say while recording his videos.
Some asked if he was given a chance to take the next level, he replied "If i had the proper equipment and more free time i would and, didn't need to worry about money to pay bills, I would like to make videos. i could be a good actor i just need time to practice"
He was inspired by some of the popular youtubers we know and love Pewdiepie and markiplier.
"Its this combined with the support i get from my fans/friends/family that i am inspired to go on and make more videos. i feel i can help someone"
Gerard described himself as generally nice out to people who treat's him nice in return. he might not be the smartest or a quick thinker. but hes over all friendly he laughs or joke try and lighten moods of people. if he's uncomfortable he usually just stays quiet and listens.speaking only when  he feels he can help,he says hes even a dreamer who's imagination runs away. Gerard is creative minded person, not overly serious. he always feel the need to help people or cheer them, even though he doesn't know them well.
Gerard is from Australia on the state of Victoria Melbourne city
He does talk to himself when he's off camera, he even told us he puts on different voices, its something he does to help his creative progress more.
He buy's his games from steam, Dezura and the likes
"When you have bought the games over pirated games. you don't need to worry about cracks and you have access to more stuffs online."
Gerard has no script he just say's what comes to his head sometimes he tries to write things down like notes when he does vlog's and just put it in.
@Humiliatingtwin asked "What do you prefer coffee or milk?"
Gerrard replied "i only have coffee in the morning on my way to work. i only have coffee to wake me up. make me feel more alive and aware"
@Shane asked "What other hobbies do you do?"
Gerard replied "Fan fiction (Game based so far) Drawings and tennis"
@Sarah asked "What gaming pc would you suggest to gamer girls like us? if you have any suggestions.
Gerard replied "hmm when it comes to Pc and gaming i don't know a lot about it. what i do is look at a new game that is coming out look at its specifications and build a computer to match it or that is slightly better for that game. it really depends on your budget too because you can build a mega best which is costly if you want."
@Sam asked "Would you have coffee with us if some fans invited you to starbuck's? omg"
Gerard replied "Oh wow i would say yes but i'm not sure if i have time.i mean i work early morning to evening on weekdays and on weekends i spend my time with my family."
@Jake asked "Does your wife get angry at you for making videos?"
Gerard replied "Yes, Only when i go over my time limit. i have a small window of time to play. record and edit. if i go over she gets angry, Happy wife happy life"
Gerard was really an awesome dude.I might say this interview was a success although we planned to interview him through skype, we had alot of technical difficulties on our Equipments. were terribly sorry.but the good thing was we still had the chance to talk to sir Gerard and interview him alot of questions were submitted through email and tweeted to me on twitter but we ran out of time we'll just keep in touch and maybe update this interview soon.

(This was actually the First interview we had back then, I'll maybe post the updated and second interview of GerardWGames. Probally when my computer get's fixed.) 
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to make a Successful youtube channel *Gaming*


|Requested by : FOREVAROYAL |

Things You Need


If you're really planning to make a YouTube channel If you're really dying to make one, you need is Confidence. What's that for you ask?

Being a Youtuber isn't that easy, For starters it might be But after you get the fame Here comes the haters,You need to be confident on what you're doing.There's always something that stops you from doing what you like. It's up to you to continue it or just quit. (HAVE CONFIDENCE.)


You Don't really need the updated one's Like Xbox,PS4,Laptop ,And expensive consoles.All you need to have is either a phone or just a simple computer which is updated, anything you can play with, which seems to be interesting to you, To be honest i know a lot of gamers Who started from the bottom to the top because of these simple tips. Alot of people asked "Why do we need something were just interested at?, i thought we were going to entertain the audience?". Okay if you're interested on something nothing's going to stop you from playing it. And if you do what you like to do it seems interesting to you it might be more interesting to other people because you're having fun on doing it too. So start cheap. it's good!

-Camera / Editing software / Recording software / Good quality

On making videos for youtube you need a camera, But not an ordinary digital camera i suggest Cameras 14 mega pixels + a Good mic in it or you can just buy from a camera store, Another one is a Editing software, You need to clean and edit what you recorded either cut or add some clips to you're video add Effects that might caught you're viewers. Next is Recording software you need to record you're screen what you're playing or what you're viewing, I don't really suggest you guy's download the free versions, you might have troubles on copy rights and Logo's appearing on you're video.


You don't want to record you're self in a Dark room,You can already see it from your camera or just you're eyes. Better buy a Proper lighting i know you can buy it from hardware's on malls and even online


One thing's for sure, You can't do anything without no one inspiring you,If you don't have any inspirations on making videos , playing games and exposing you're self on the internet here are some few youtubers who inspired A lot of people. Pewdiepie , Currieplays , Grizzlyplays , Jacksepticeye , Smosh and other Hero's who's a life saver. and they didn't just start from the top, but they started from the bottom,Actually even if you interview them they faced a lot of problems a lot of conflicts. But did they stop on doing what they like? No. if they stopped they wouldn't be anyone's hero right now. They wouldn't be a famous Youtuber right now. This is a lesson not to just stop if you noticed it's not going well as planned. If plan A and B Doesn't work Theres more letters to plan ☻

For now this should be it. We'll just update it soon
Thank you @Royal_Ge for making me come up with this blog topic. i hope we helped you with this simple steps
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Love you all c:

Never Give up

The line "Never give up"
What's the first thing or word in your mind that connects?. If you taught of Problems Struggles

Most of the problem's are


• Studies

•Love life

Problems in life is very challenging, its just up to you if you would give it all up and sob through it or fight your way through. Here are some "Helpful and possible way's" you can get through your problem

-If you having a hard time with your friends just tell them directly what you feel, to be more specific tell them "Hey guy's i feel a bit out of placed between us" or maybe what you prefer. One thing's for sure don't just hide what you feel, Like me I don't usually let people read my thoughts and facial Expression. this is why i had some hard time putting my self together and avoid ripping people's face off most of the time i just keep quiet and act im okay with it and sometimes im interested with all the crap they talk about. Never let your inner side Cover up the whole you ☺ Just a tip based on personal experience.

-If you ever have a hard time on Bullying inside your classroom or inside your school, stand up for your self, Never Cry / Sob / Be frightened / Run away / Hide or what ever coward thing's you do everytime you get bullied. Put the face you want them to see, I want you to put on the face you always were,.The Strong and brave face you always put on. If they tell you mean things that are not actually quite true then just tell them "Thats not even true" or maybe "How did you come up with that lie?" or simply just ignore it and let them be. If some fights occur like physical contact you need to tell your supervisor or maybe your parent's teacher's and the principal alot of death's happen because of bullying.

-If you have any personal problems regarding studies and grades you need to tighten up and loosen up a bit at the same time. You need to focus on one thing right now. that is your grades and how to pull them back up, if you got used to multi-tasking, you need to forget that, Focusing on one thing increases your speed and your time to think, same as your nerves 60%. Be organized Put all your subject papers/works or handouts on a folder, So you can always pull your notes when you need to.Take notes, do you have a feeling after this disscusion your teacher is about to give you a quiz after 2 days? Atleast you copied some of their notes. Arrange your schedule, If your going to study all day make sure there's nothing else to do. so your focus is only on your studies, avoid gadgets and going out with friends during examinations.

And everyone if you have any problems no matter how hard and difficult that is, Your love one is always there for you to hang on. Theres always your family, Friends , relatives and Me ☺ Problems are just the struggle to slow your life down, don't let them stop you on doing what you love and what you like! Keep your head up everyone. its not the end of your world ☻

That's all the Request i had time for today,Request more on my email
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Taylor Swift ( Style) Gossips.

"Style" By taylor Swift


The Official music video of the song Taylor swift "Style" Became a hit.We received some new's pointing out that 3.5 month's taylor swift album "1980" which is Shocking  because the past album of taylor swift "Red" was at the sidelines they proved that Taylor swift's newest album "1989" had outsold "Red" in just a few month's. And a great new's we watched the Official Music Video of "Style" before it was showed on "Good morning america", We noticed besides Taylor swift and her reddish red lips we've spotted a paper plane necklace, And that paper plane necklace was a clean reference to Her bast boyfriend Harry Styles

Who know's what more Gossips could we scoop up next?
Wan't some more Celebrity Gossips?
More coming soon ♥

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