Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gaming Corner!

A new Thread has been Added to my blog ♥ Its called gaming corner, There isn't really a corner created but i'll be sharing / RPG / Platforms / Indie / Horror / Games i find attractive for you guys to try out


 To be honest ive been Playing tfm for 4 years now, i first played this game when my classmates told me they need someone to play with, i was the Gamer student when i was still in Grade school up till now. So i played it, it was simple as it looks like as i said to my self.
 ive been inlove with this game, i met new friends Discovered places i never wanted to go in. I had so much memories in this game, you guys should try it out, ill put the link down below!
 If your a Tfm player too you should hang out with us, We just created our new tribe " I D E N T I T Y"
Whisper me "Darkheartdc" for the requirements and add me ♥ The link~

Thursday, May 14, 2015

*School Life hack* (Updated 2015)

*Real ass Talk*
Okay before anything else school is just right in the corner this month,Lets face the truth Summer is about to end. You know what that means? (No more Phineas and Ferb.) Im kidding, Well that means no more Staying up late, you cant be wasted , And Going out on trips.
I know others are having their summer right now while others are going back to school, But still its another year for me,And ill tell you guy's something. Ill be sharing School / Life Hacks ive seen before. (I just made it, Based on my mistakes last year) 
And i got completely traumatized last year, I hate it so much but i managed to flick it all away~

↓Do's and Donts↓

•Be friendly
 •Don't Cause any commotion within the group.
•Never ever! Get in a fight with your teacher.
•Don't play hard to get
•Be you
•Dont let Popularity get into you
•Interact with people whom you think isn't an asshole
- Okay what out problem here is the popular and mean ones right?, When ever someone moves to another school, Be prepared. In a series or in a movie the Meanie and the Bully is the main attraction, If you got played by one don't let it ruin your year, Just simply ignore them never go in a fight with someone you cant deal with.

↓Hacks↓ (This isnt really a hack)

•While studying for an Entrance Exam / Exam / Finals Chew a flavored gum as you browse through the books your reading, and while your taking your test chew the same flavored gum you chewed why you were reviewing the test. The flavor will help you remember the things you read. (P.s dont just chew a gum and think "I GOT THIS!" you should study too)

•In school we do alot of Paper works right?, You need to be organized. Buy an envelope each subject to keep all of your notes in, Keep tracks of the Seatwork's and activities you do, Don't ever lose one paper because you might need it for your clearance or something. (Label it)

•Keep your schedule in order. In the morning before you start your first day of school write down your Locker number , seat number , Room number and Subjects you need to attend to then just simply take a picture of it and make it your Lock screen, so when ever your lost you can just look at your phone and bam!

•Music is the key, when ever your doing your homework be sure to have a "Studying Playlist" On your phone, So while your studying you can enjoy and learn at the same time, I prefer not to be distracted with your Phone.

 •Be colorful, Im not talking about painting your self. Har-har, The best way to be motivated to start your year is Use inspirational Notebooks or just simply hang Quotes on your wall to brighten up your morning!

Could you share some of your School life hacks with me? ( I seriously Need it)
Tweet it to me on twitter @Decembriayeah
Comment it below
Or simply share~
Tell me if this School life hacks helped you guys ☻