Sunday, March 8, 2015

How to *Not Freak Out* Edition

As a teenager we freak out alot, but not just us We have our elderly and family.
To be honest we always freak out deep inside,but for us its not a big deal right? we try to ignore it and hide it at the same time to maintain focus and relaxation, Here are some few tip's on how to not freak out in certain occasions

-Not knowing what to wear? thats easy just follow your heart you're life you're style Mc_babies, you can't let anyone judge how you dress or how you fix your hair. When you leave your house you need to be proud and confident on what your about to do.

-Not knowing where the party is at? Simple! Go text someone who know's or who is going to attend the same party as you, if your too shy to ask and be ashamed you got lost. just tell your friends to come pick you up. for fun  "The power of social media" ♥

-Ran out of dip for the nachos?
Improvise, Get some mayo or cheese spread from your fridge and your all set. just add some pepper for more awesome taste

•Projects (Personal Exp)
-Ran out of time?, Put your head in the game. Finish it right now. be organized add a punch line too. "Submit or Repeat (That means FAIL) you might get your grip on your self. theres no jokes when it comes to projects. No matter how hard that is you have to finish it before the due date or were all screwed.

"Remember you guys"
Don't let your second thoughts from ruining your day, Think positive and cool thoughts to make your day radical! Don't panic on your problems set them a side and deal with them as soon as possible ♥
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