Friday, March 27, 2015

Gerard W Games

*Gerard W Games Just reached 190+ Subscribers on youtube*
We asked Gerard here a few questions our blogging family asked. Enjoy
For our Older Viewers we still remember Gerard right? I first interviewed him on my first blogging site on Jimdo
The Blogging Family actually liked gerards presence, He's a "Cool guy" Jacob and Luke added,Hes an awesome person to be more specific, Hes funny ☻ If you do really talk to him on twitter or maybe through the youtube comments, you'll be quite surprised you two will have endless conversations,
So feel free to talk to him ask him questions and support!

Be part of Gerard's army & Subscribe

Follow him on is Twitter *Personal Account*

We could have another interview if he reaches more subs ♥
Y.O.L.O everyone ♥

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