Friday, February 20, 2015

-Youtuber Alert.
(Exclusive and Fun interview with GERARD WHITTY GerardWgames )
Gerard started his Youtube channel because he thought of making one. but he lacked motivation,  because of "Markiplier" a known Youtuber he got that motivation he needed, Gerard told us he love's to play games, its part of his life he want's to share his love for gaming to the world and to make people smile
Gerard was not really sure if he was helping someone out with his videos,but he would like to think he is, but he's not quite sure about that he ,does hope somewhere in the world his videos makes someone happy and smile he want's to entertain someone.
Although he thinks his humor isn't there, "Im still learning the ropes"
Gerard first started out is youtube channel and making videos there were a lot of problems that started in his way and tried to stop him.Equipment was the first he started with a Singstar mic and a camera (Not a webcam) and a poor computer with basic editing software.The other major problem was confidence, this is something that takes time, he didn't know what to do or say while recording his videos.
Some asked if he was given a chance to take the next level, he replied "If i had the proper equipment and more free time i would and, didn't need to worry about money to pay bills, I would like to make videos. i could be a good actor i just need time to practice"
He was inspired by some of the popular youtubers we know and love Pewdiepie and markiplier.
"Its this combined with the support i get from my fans/friends/family that i am inspired to go on and make more videos. i feel i can help someone"
Gerard described himself as generally nice out to people who treat's him nice in return. he might not be the smartest or a quick thinker. but hes over all friendly he laughs or joke try and lighten moods of people. if he's uncomfortable he usually just stays quiet and listens.speaking only when  he feels he can help,he says hes even a dreamer who's imagination runs away. Gerard is creative minded person, not overly serious. he always feel the need to help people or cheer them, even though he doesn't know them well.
Gerard is from Australia on the state of Victoria Melbourne city
He does talk to himself when he's off camera, he even told us he puts on different voices, its something he does to help his creative progress more.
He buy's his games from steam, Dezura and the likes
"When you have bought the games over pirated games. you don't need to worry about cracks and you have access to more stuffs online."
Gerard has no script he just say's what comes to his head sometimes he tries to write things down like notes when he does vlog's and just put it in.
@Humiliatingtwin asked "What do you prefer coffee or milk?"
Gerrard replied "i only have coffee in the morning on my way to work. i only have coffee to wake me up. make me feel more alive and aware"
@Shane asked "What other hobbies do you do?"
Gerard replied "Fan fiction (Game based so far) Drawings and tennis"
@Sarah asked "What gaming pc would you suggest to gamer girls like us? if you have any suggestions.
Gerard replied "hmm when it comes to Pc and gaming i don't know a lot about it. what i do is look at a new game that is coming out look at its specifications and build a computer to match it or that is slightly better for that game. it really depends on your budget too because you can build a mega best which is costly if you want."
@Sam asked "Would you have coffee with us if some fans invited you to starbuck's? omg"
Gerard replied "Oh wow i would say yes but i'm not sure if i have time.i mean i work early morning to evening on weekdays and on weekends i spend my time with my family."
@Jake asked "Does your wife get angry at you for making videos?"
Gerard replied "Yes, Only when i go over my time limit. i have a small window of time to play. record and edit. if i go over she gets angry, Happy wife happy life"
Gerard was really an awesome dude.I might say this interview was a success although we planned to interview him through skype, we had alot of technical difficulties on our Equipments. were terribly sorry.but the good thing was we still had the chance to talk to sir Gerard and interview him alot of questions were submitted through email and tweeted to me on twitter but we ran out of time we'll just keep in touch and maybe update this interview soon.

(This was actually the First interview we had back then, I'll maybe post the updated and second interview of GerardWGames. Probally when my computer get's fixed.) 
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