Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to Survive summer *No Wifi Edition*

summer is the warmest season of the four temperate seasons and its also believed the season of days are longest nights are shortest. Besides that Description about summer this is when school stops and we get time to relax right?

Summer is really relaxing, Sitting all day at home sleeping watching netflix or maybe just going out with your friends and family ♥ Going out side the country and having fun.But the only problem is NO WIFI.

How can you survive summer without wifi, (I know its hard. its hard for me too)

Like i said you can sit all day and play some board games with your family, invite your friends to come over and play with them
You could aslo make shakes, smoothies and Ice candies Do it your self girl's
Go out and have a pool party or maybe at your backyard, you can do anything you like on your backyard, I believed that my backyard was a wonderful place when i was little. Just imagine you can play water guns back then with your brothers and friends think of the possibility?
You can go out shopping.

Just my tip guys, I want you to spend your summer you've never spend it before enjoy it. Dont just sit at your room and study all day, Your brain need's to rest probably for the whole 2 months, im kidding but you do get my point. so atleast when school starts you can share what you did. This i promise you guy's im going to go sky diving this summer.

This post might be to early, but nah just ready your summer journal and lock pack and go! :D
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