Saturday, February 21, 2015

Social Media

*(According to WikiPedia)*

-Facebook is an online social networking service Headquartered in menlo oar california.

-Instagram is an online mobile photo sharing and social networking service, that enables its users to take pictures and videos ans share it through a variety of social networking platforms.

-Meowchat claims over 1 million users agree that meow chat messenger app for meeting new friends, meow chat helps you connect with new friends in different ways.

I interviewed other people about facebook-Instagram and Meowchat.

- Im not sure about Instagram and tiwtter but, When im currently using facebook i get a little lonely. its just that i had so many friends added here who likes my facebook photos and posts, but they never really talked to me that much

-It's Quite helpful although people this generation posts crappy things that isn't needed to be known such as porn? Nasty Pictures.

-Yeah! it is, i do use social media alot to connect with my love one and my family.

*End of their opinion*

Social Media is really needed this generation,besides using it to meet new friends, connect with your love ones and family. There are alot of Business that needs socialnetworking platforms Especially Blog's like this one, We cant get any viewers without Social Medias that advertise our blog.Some say Social media is garbage to this generation, people avoids social media's. to be quite honest my opinion is people this generation harasses social media sites and apps. This was created to form another community of living and share good experience but instead of it people uses it for the worst of it. Hacking, Shitty Photo's and Videos. What more to expect. Just stop it, its not healthy and its full of bullshit.

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