Saturday, February 21, 2015

All About me ♥ *Updated 3/31/2015*

Hi, Ive been blogging for some month's now. i feel good expressing my self through blogging, i was able to speak and learn through my blogs. i enhanced alot of things, met new and awesome people to be exact i feel like their my second family. They were always there for me after i met them through the process of interviews. I may not know their whole story but i understand what they went through. I had the passion for blogging after having a lot of emotional problems *Personal Emotional Problems* TEEHEE ♥

My name is Alyssa Dela Cruz, I go by the name "Darkheartdc / Mclyssa Williams" Most of you viewer's know because of my twitter and youtube channel, My code name went through a lot of up's and down's especially at school and at other social media platforms, My first problem was my classmates kept on talking about my code name because i always use it at some activities, They didn't quite understand a gamer code name, I was supposed to use the code name for the rest of my life. i got used to people addressing me as Dark or even heart and games.
My Code name actually was first made by my dad, I asked him back then when and why did he make that code name. First of all he told me it was a spiders name i think it was just Darkheart and he just Added the "Dc" for (Dela Cruz) and he made it when his heart was first broken :c so sad...

I get too Comfortable around new people, well thats if i liked them or i have something in common with them, i start to joke around and be rude (Not too rude) im just a fun and funny person ♥ I can read people's Faces and their whole agenda somehow XD so yeah, you cant hide anything from me ♥
I like hanging around with Australian people or people all over the world, not from my country (Im not being rude or anything ) But i really do love people from other countries, they said i get along well with other people. I like Being quiet at times and sometimes after i get bored of it i scream like a cat :3 I love Chocolates, Im the type of person who has so many snack jar on my shelves and drawers. and im addicted to galaxies (Not the actual Study ) Just the pretty color's and stars, I Hate "Math, Science , History , Biology" But i managed to pass them, my fav subject is clearly "English" and i was always close to my teachers in english ♥

When im inlove i do give them all what i have, Im sweet as long as my partner is sweet to me too, Im the paranoid one (Not in a bad way) But every time i chat my partner i want endless chats, i love sweet people and caring ones. I love boy's who fights for me,or who even tells someone to back of or something
If you guy's watch "Divergent" or "Insurgent" I Love Four ♥ Hes such a Hotieee. He's a boyfriend material
He has the looks, The body, the mind, the attitude of my dream guy ♥And yes i have a boyfriend. His name is jerome ♥

Well so yeah.
Just to be quite clear, Blogging isn't really my passion back then. I was inspired by youtuber's i once told everyone i know that i would be a sucssesful youtuber one day. but i don't have enough confidence, budget and time as a teenager your scheadule is very hectic. you don't have enough time to rest and sleep you gotta go study for a test and lessons every day and every night.
so i just went to blogging. 
Im always dream high, im a dream changer, which is kind of normal for me,
Im a shoppaholic on shirts,Hoodies and gaming stuffs. ( Im a teen Go with it )
One thing's im sure about is im an inverted minded person, You won't see me in crowded places. I get stressed out like a cat when im inside or i see crowded places. i would advice my self to stay home watch movies and just read some novels and play online games then spending my time walking around on crowded places, i prefer beaches forest's and mountains. i love windy and high places i take pictures of the skies and the tree's for memories to be placed in my photography Blog.
And im like my dad. if im angry i don't show it, im just going to act normal around any person i hate but deep inside i wan't to slap the hell out of them and maybe shred their faces of. I manage my anger very well, but i don't have any patience, When im downloading a game or maybe waiting for a movie to come on i don't know how to wait. im a very demanding person.
If i would be a creature I'll be a unicorn who can fly. a rainbow unicorn to be exact! or maybe a cat, i enjoy a cat's life, sleeping on the roof exploring everything on the world and eating fish. (I don't like fish)
I love to sing and play my guitar, i sing at the shower, everywhere even at the bus station! I like do to DIY's but i never really finished one before. well i did some but sometimes it goes right to the trash bin :c I like to hide food ( Chips, Cookies, Candies and Soda's on my drawers just in case i get hungry. Im lazy as a turtle when i just sat down on my computer chair or my little couch ♥

So yeah! I hope to meet you guy's very soon on my next project
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