Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to make a Successful youtube channel *Gaming*


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Things You Need


If you're really planning to make a YouTube channel If you're really dying to make one, you need is Confidence. What's that for you ask?

Being a Youtuber isn't that easy, For starters it might be But after you get the fame Here comes the haters,You need to be confident on what you're doing.There's always something that stops you from doing what you like. It's up to you to continue it or just quit. (HAVE CONFIDENCE.)


You Don't really need the updated one's Like Xbox,PS4,Laptop ,And expensive consoles.All you need to have is either a phone or just a simple computer which is updated, anything you can play with, which seems to be interesting to you, To be honest i know a lot of gamers Who started from the bottom to the top because of these simple tips. Alot of people asked "Why do we need something were just interested at?, i thought we were going to entertain the audience?". Okay if you're interested on something nothing's going to stop you from playing it. And if you do what you like to do it seems interesting to you it might be more interesting to other people because you're having fun on doing it too. So start cheap. it's good!

-Camera / Editing software / Recording software / Good quality

On making videos for youtube you need a camera, But not an ordinary digital camera i suggest Cameras 14 mega pixels + a Good mic in it or you can just buy from a camera store, Another one is a Editing software, You need to clean and edit what you recorded either cut or add some clips to you're video add Effects that might caught you're viewers. Next is Recording software you need to record you're screen what you're playing or what you're viewing, I don't really suggest you guy's download the free versions, you might have troubles on copy rights and Logo's appearing on you're video.


You don't want to record you're self in a Dark room,You can already see it from your camera or just you're eyes. Better buy a Proper lighting i know you can buy it from hardware's on malls and even online


One thing's for sure, You can't do anything without no one inspiring you,If you don't have any inspirations on making videos , playing games and exposing you're self on the internet here are some few youtubers who inspired A lot of people. Pewdiepie , Currieplays , Grizzlyplays , Jacksepticeye , Smosh and other Hero's who's a life saver. and they didn't just start from the top, but they started from the bottom,Actually even if you interview them they faced a lot of problems a lot of conflicts. But did they stop on doing what they like? No. if they stopped they wouldn't be anyone's hero right now. They wouldn't be a famous Youtuber right now. This is a lesson not to just stop if you noticed it's not going well as planned. If plan A and B Doesn't work Theres more letters to plan ☻

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