Thursday, February 19, 2015

Never Give up

The line "Never give up"
What's the first thing or word in your mind that connects?. If you taught of Problems Struggles

Most of the problem's are


• Studies

•Love life

Problems in life is very challenging, its just up to you if you would give it all up and sob through it or fight your way through. Here are some "Helpful and possible way's" you can get through your problem

-If you having a hard time with your friends just tell them directly what you feel, to be more specific tell them "Hey guy's i feel a bit out of placed between us" or maybe what you prefer. One thing's for sure don't just hide what you feel, Like me I don't usually let people read my thoughts and facial Expression. this is why i had some hard time putting my self together and avoid ripping people's face off most of the time i just keep quiet and act im okay with it and sometimes im interested with all the crap they talk about. Never let your inner side Cover up the whole you ☺ Just a tip based on personal experience.

-If you ever have a hard time on Bullying inside your classroom or inside your school, stand up for your self, Never Cry / Sob / Be frightened / Run away / Hide or what ever coward thing's you do everytime you get bullied. Put the face you want them to see, I want you to put on the face you always were,.The Strong and brave face you always put on. If they tell you mean things that are not actually quite true then just tell them "Thats not even true" or maybe "How did you come up with that lie?" or simply just ignore it and let them be. If some fights occur like physical contact you need to tell your supervisor or maybe your parent's teacher's and the principal alot of death's happen because of bullying.

-If you have any personal problems regarding studies and grades you need to tighten up and loosen up a bit at the same time. You need to focus on one thing right now. that is your grades and how to pull them back up, if you got used to multi-tasking, you need to forget that, Focusing on one thing increases your speed and your time to think, same as your nerves 60%. Be organized Put all your subject papers/works or handouts on a folder, So you can always pull your notes when you need to.Take notes, do you have a feeling after this disscusion your teacher is about to give you a quiz after 2 days? Atleast you copied some of their notes. Arrange your schedule, If your going to study all day make sure there's nothing else to do. so your focus is only on your studies, avoid gadgets and going out with friends during examinations.

And everyone if you have any problems no matter how hard and difficult that is, Your love one is always there for you to hang on. Theres always your family, Friends , relatives and Me ☺ Problems are just the struggle to slow your life down, don't let them stop you on doing what you love and what you like! Keep your head up everyone. its not the end of your world ☻

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