Wednesday, April 22, 2015

*How to get your summer body early*

How to get your perfect / Normal summer body for the beach or a swimming part with your friends,I don't usually go on these kinds of event's i have no friends ._. yeah....
Well we have different minds and different choices so ill just list something i know or i think that could help you guys, most of us doesn't even have summer vacations so yeah

→ Step 1
Don't eat heavy meals.
-You should just eat Salad, or fruits. Froyo's and Oats can help you with that, and reminder drink plenty of water just in case

→Step 2
Work out
-You should work out every week, you know what's that for right? (Well i don't so moving on )
I know a lot of people hates working out because its boring. and its so plain. but you should bring a buddy / Bestfriend to have fun with, Or add music to your workout

→Step 3
Be lazy
-To be honest im not into these kinds of stuff, You dont need a perfect body to have fun this summer. So go get your swim suits and swim anywhere you like! i prefer just going to the mall or just watch netflix,
If you think thats boring shame on you! ♥

Summer isn't complete without treats >.<
I already knew this DIY "Gummy bear popsicle" Last last year so i guess its time to share it and try with you guys

All you need is
Some Gummy bears :3 Sprite and the popsicle tray that picture explains the thing you need to do so good luck ♥

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