Thursday, July 9, 2015

*What to do on a rainy day*

I'll ask you guys a Question. What do you do on rainy day's? To be completely honest with you readers i stay inside my safe zone all day and night when it rains, Browsing on my twitter and IG feed ( Follow me on twitter and IG @Decembriayeah), But anyways i was thinking of doing something Fun during the rainy day's well its not really Considered as fun but this would be another adventure for you guys to try out instead of just sitting there and doing nothing

You'd probably have a messy room just like mine, So clean your room up and add some decorations, Spice up your room (Im talking to both boy's and girls) Print out awesome Quotes and just tape them to you wall, Re-decorate your room Add some stuffed toys arrange your make up drawers and Computer wires. I did a whole board on my wall the last time i got stuck inside my room so dont be afraid to change your ways!

Pool parties isn't just for summer, I know it might be cold but still dont waste any time go call your friends and Dump in the pool while raining maybe make some water balloons and you'll be sick by the following day. Im kidding, But i did try that with my friends before

Instead of going to starbucks go camp in with your friends go drink some Hot coffee , Hot coco , or do you own drink. Tell stories talk about anything you'd like, Just to keep you busy from the boredom of the rain, Probably Make a photo session inside your bedroom or what not. All you need is a plain cloth or curtains for the background and add some Pillows Or decorations and your polaroid camera or just an ordinary camera, We keep this love in a photograph Get it? c:

Thats all for today, If you haven't heard of the poll i made Here it is.
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