Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gaming Corner!

A new Thread has been Added to my blog ♥ Its called gaming corner, There isn't really a corner created but i'll be sharing / RPG / Platforms / Indie / Horror / Games i find attractive for you guys to try out


 To be honest ive been Playing tfm for 4 years now, i first played this game when my classmates told me they need someone to play with, i was the Gamer student when i was still in Grade school up till now. So i played it, it was simple as it looks like as i said to my self.
 ive been inlove with this game, i met new friends Discovered places i never wanted to go in. I had so much memories in this game, you guys should try it out, ill put the link down below!
 If your a Tfm player too you should hang out with us, We just created our new tribe " I D E N T I T Y"
Whisper me "Darkheartdc" for the requirements and add me ♥ The link~
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